1336 42nd St., A & B

/1336 42nd St., A & B

Duplex - (up/down)
#A: (down) 4 bed, 2 bath
#B: (up) 4 bed, 2 bath

Rent and Lease Dates:

$1900/m (deposit same), $475/tenant
#A: 8/3/18 - 7/28/19
#B: 8/3/18 - 7/28/19


Lovely 4 bedroom duplex with full kitchen, large living room, central air, and Washer/Dryer in unit. Can see ODU library from back yard.  Unit A has blue tile flooring in the living room / unit B has vinyl wood flooring in the living room. Right Driveway is for Access to Back ONLY, not for Parking. Unit A parks in back and unit B parks on the left.

Utilities Not Included:   

Power- avg $45-$60/person, varies with season
Water- avg $35-$45/person, varies with use