120 Years of history – National Register of Historic Places

1895 – Lambert’s Point Knitting Mill – carding, knitting, spinning and seaming factory

1910 –  National Wood Products Company – Wood working and processing

1915 – Baldwin, Prince & Co – Cotton and cotton linters

1920 – Atlas Storage warehouse

1930’s – Surfboard production  studio

1940/50’s – Old Dominion Paper Co – Warehouse and Office

1980/90’s – Atlantic Ordnance & Gyro – Electronic Equipment repair

2005/present – The Mill – Loft Style Apartments at ODU and Colley Self storage facility

Lambert’s Point Knitting Mill, located at 808 44th Street and Colley Avenue, was built in 1895 at a cost of $100,000. Located across from the Knitting Mill Creek, and just south of railroad tracks, the mill had easy access to transportation to output goods and import raw materials as well. It produced a large sum of product with around 200 employees. It also had the latest in modern technology including steam heat, electric lights and a Grinnell wet system automatic sprinkler with a 5500 gallon water tank located in the upper tower.

In the Norfolk City Directory in the early 20th century, there were twenty-three mills in the area. Today, the Lambert’s Point Knitting Mill is the only one of those still standing. The building has housed wood products, a cotton mill, a storage warehouse, a surfboard production studio, and the Old Dominion Paper Company. The building was converted into an apartment complex in 2005.