Frequently Asked Questions

Lease Questions:

Let us know as soon as you and your roommates have decided to definitely stay. We will get you a renewal agreement to sign which will reserve your apartment for next year. Your lease does not automatically renew. Deadline for renewing lease is March 1.
All tenants must sign one lease, but our lease lets us treat roommates jointly or separately if there is a lease issue, violation or eviction. It gives us flexibility in handling non-performing roommates.
If all persons on the lease are in agreement that they would like to let this person move out please let the office know. You can sublet their bedroom to prevent the remaining lease holders from having to pay the difference. We can refer perspective roommates to you that inquire at our office or you can look for your own new roommate. Once all lease holders agree on the change there is a Roommate Change Addendum that all will need to sign. Then the new lease holder will have to fill out an application, be approved and sign all lease documents prior to moving in. The sooner the notice you give the easier to find a replacement. The best time to sublet is between semesters and to notify us early. Read your Lease on “Subletting” for detailed requirements or go to Sublet.
You would need to sublease your apartment prior to being released from the terms of your lease. It would work like a roommate replacement. Visit our Move Out and Sublet Page for more info.
If you do not have any of the following you will be asked: Rental history, Credit history, or income of 3 times your monthly rent. Most people get their parents or a legal guardian to fill out the form so they can get approved.
Your apartment will need to be returned to the condition that it was at the time that you moved in with normal wear and tear expected. Standard cleaning fees and carpet cleaning fees will be applied to your deposit but be sure that you perform a basic cleaning, vacuuming and trash removal so that you avoid any additional charges. Call the City of Norfolk at 757-441-5813 for free bulk pickup the week of move out, if you have excessive trash or furniture for pickup. Your keys need to be left on kitchen counter and your new addresses need to be given to the office in writing to forward security deposits. Water and power need to be on till last day of lease. See lease for more details.
Since we are so close to ODU, almost all of our residents are students. However, you do not have to be presently enrolled to live here.

General Questions:

ODUrent strives to make all of our properties a welcoming and safe environment for all of our residents. ODUrent has been working aggressively to make your home a safe place so you can feel at ease. For added safety at our properties we have installed automatic door locks. There are peep holes in front and back doors, alarms in many of our properties, as well as dusk to dawn exterior lighting at the properties. We go the extra mile and work with TopGuard security to drive by all of our properties over the weekends and over breaks. ODUrent will continue the push to keep our properties free from all crime, like we have done over the past 3 years!
See our section on Security for more latest news and how we prevent crime now.

We are proud of having the best selection of properties around ODU. Our full-time maintenance team does a great job renovating
properties, keeping up exteriors and preparing units for new tenants. Drive around and compare ours to theirs. Our management team
guarantees that you are satisfied with your unit at move-in. New tenants also get to fill out a pre-move-in inspection form for their
protection. Unfortunately, some of our tenants may not be the cleanest and their guests get a wrong impression. Twice a year, we have
inspections and warn any such tenants to clean up or move out.

That depends on the specific apartment that you have chosen to rent. Most have off street as well as on street parking. If this is not
adequate, all are nearby ODU parking lots and monthly parking passes can be purchased from ODU. See ODU parking services link
on home page. Visit the ODU Parking website for more info

Your rent is due and expected on the first of each month and is considered late after the 5th of the month. If rent is paid after the 5th of
the month then you will be assessed a late fee (see your lease for amount). If rent continues to remain unpaid then legal procedures
up to and including eviction will be taken and additional legal fees and expenses incurred will be included on to the balance due.

If is important to try to get along with your neighbors. If it is after hours and they are being excessively noisy, call the police as this is a
violation of disturbing the peace. If they are just routinely noisy and it is not extreme you can contact them directly (and nicely) to let them
know that the noise level of their apartment is at a disturbing level. They may not even realize that they are being loud. Or you can contact
the office during business hours and we will be happy to make them aware of the problem.

You and your lease holders are responsible for the actions and damages caused by your guests so make sure that the party is under
control. Additionally, make sure that the level of noise from the party is not disturbing your neighbors. It might be nice to alert your
neighbors that you will be having a party and encourage them to let you know if they are being disturbed by the noise. See Party smart
You can also alert ODU police that you are having a party and they will be more cooperative if it gets out of hand. Always cooperate with the Police or they will issue summons or arrests instead of warnings!!!

Utilities vary based upon number of occupants and personal usage habits, as well as, the setting on the thermostat and the outside
temperature. You may want to contact the utility company for a monthly average of the last 12 months. That would be a good indicator or
an estimate of what it will cost. Water will cost the same no matter where you live since it is a function of shower times, laundry times,
runnings sinks, etc. Expect to pay about 35-45per person per month and depends on shower and laundry usage. Power varies with the
season and slightly with properties. Expect power to average 45-60 per person per month depending on season. A few of our
properties also have gas service for heat or hot water or stove. If you have gas service, electrical bills will be lower. Also check out
Virginia Power and Virginia Gas budget billing to ease seasonal billing. If you have abnormally higher power or water bills, contact
maintenance to check out your house in case of water leaks, water heater problems or AC issues.

You will need to contact the utility companies directly and have it put in the name of one of the lease holders. The numbers are listed on
the “move-in info” section. ( Power is 888-667-3000, Water is 757-664-6700, Gas is 866-229-3578 )

Most, if not all of the apartments have been wired for both cable and internet. All living rooms and most bedrooms may be wired. Additional rooms would be an additional cost. You would simply need to open an account with a service provider of your choice in the name of one of the lease holders.

Unfortunately, inflation is the simple answer. Insurance, taxes, maintenance and supplies always go up. But so does employee pay if
you are a working tenant. We do a market analysis every year and try to be very competitive and offer reasonable rates.

You will need to visit the nearest post office and complete a change of address form. Additionally, now the post office has an on-line
change of address system. Visit the US Postal Service website for more info

No guest may stay longer then ten days total during the term of lease or the leaseholders will be in breach of their lease

It is always strongly recommended to have Renter’s Insurance. If you items are lost, stolen, or damaged due to fire, theft, leaks or other casualty the Landlord is not responsible. Tenants should always obtain Renter’s Insurance or may opt for coverage under parent’s homeowners policy.

Maintenance Questions:

Be sure to not over fill your dryer. Clothes need room for the air to circulate in order to dry efficiently. Also make sure that after every use
the lint trap is cleaned thoroughly. If it is full, this will also prevent the dryer from getting enough air circulating and it is also a fire hazard.
Also the vent in the back of the dryer could be crushed between dryer and wall. Add dry hand towels to speed drying time!

Call City of Norfolk for free pickup by Wednesday noon of that week. 441-5813 or go to City of Norfolk website on our home page to schedule a bulk
pick up. Place items on curb Wednesday night. If you place too early, the City of Norfolk will fine you if items are out on curb for more then
a few days.

Set thermostat between 72 and 74 and use ceiling fans. Use shorter showers. Wash clothes with cold water. Don’t run stove longer
then needed and use timers. Turn off unused lights. We have already added low wattage exterior lighting and low flow shower heads

First make sure that the vent in your room is open and not blocked by furniture and that your main furnace/air conditioning filter has been
If this is not the problem, you may need to open bedroom door a few inches to allow the air to circulate. You may also want to
partially close the vents in area that seem overly warm or are not routinely used. If these do not work then contact our maintenance
department at 675-7200. On real hot days, system can only cool 20deg less then outside temp.

First remember that the doors lock automatically when they are closed, so even if you are just taking the garbage out, be sure to take
your keys with you. Tenant Lock Out Policy: 8AM-5PM, M-F Free, after hours $30, after 11PM no bedroom doors.

You should call maintenance and let them know they will be happy to repair it promptly however, you will be responsible for paying the
cost of replacement. Costs are reasonable but you must report asap.

The following are considered Maintenance Emergencies:

  • A water leak or broken pipe that will cause damage to the apartment
  • A sewer back up
  • A stopped up commode if it is the only one in the apartment
  • No heat and the outside temperature is expected to fall below 55 degrees
  • No air conditioning and the outside temperature is expected to reach above 80 degrees
  • Refrigerator is not working
  • The pipes are frozen
  • Doors, locks or windows are broken compromising the security of the dwelling
  • Any fire at all
  • Any incident involving emergency vehicles/personnel

Any other maintenance issue needs to be called into the maintenance department the following business day.

Log in to your resident account. Click contact us and submit work order here. You can also attach a picture! If it’s an emergency, please call our emergency maintenance line at 757-675-7200.
You are responsible to replace lightbulbs in your home, unless it is a fluorescent or specialty bulb.
Attempt to plunge your toilet yourself. If that doesn’t work, then submit a work order online. Please remember, before placing a work order, you must attempt to plunge the toilet first. Otherwise, there will be a charge for maintenance to plunge your toilet.
If possible, shut off the water valve located behind toilet or under the sink immediately, move any belongings out of the way, and call emergency maintenance line at 757-675-7200.

Please contact us to learn more about off campus housing near ODU in Norfolk. We offer affordable and luxury apartments and loft for rent. Learn about our roommate matching and referral programs.